Ivan Nikusev also known as Kandar, is a Macedonian producer and label manager, who defines himself as а DJ of the old school sound of Progressive House music. Deep and strong bass lines, combined with melodic and techno elements, are something what you can hear in his sets. In 2011 he founded his own label OLD SQL Recordings, which got a huge support by many great producers and top DJs in the world, and since then it released more than 600 releases and has more than 900 different artists.

With his experience as a radio DJ since 2006, with radio shows and guest sets on many radio stations from all over the world, he also started sharing his energy and good music with the people on the dance floors. He has played in many clubs and festivals in his own country but also and abroad in different venues in Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia, USA, Czech Republic, Turkey ..

His tracks have been played and supported internationally by so many major DJs, and also more than a hundred producers have made a remix on some of his tracks, or had any other collaboration with him, that proves his quality of music over the years.

Starting from 2008, he has a hundreds of releases on plenty of different labels, including some on Perfecto Records, JOOF Recordings, JOOF Aura, Enhanced Music [Armada], Green Martian, Bonzai Progressive, Mistique Music, Outta Limits, Balkan Connection, Contrast Records, Fatali Music, System Recordings, Droid9, Welcome Music etc.. and of course on his own label OLD SQL Recordings. From 2019 under his new alias Kandar, he started releasing music and for other labels such as Sudbeat Music, Controlled Substance, onedotsixtwo, Natura Viva, 3rd/Sound Avenue, Capital Haven, Freegrant Music, Another Life Music, BC2 Records, Bevel Rec, Electronic Tree, Forward Music, Revolt Music, Symmetric Records …


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